Ho hum… Not that same old message again!

angry woman images


“AGH!! How much longer do I have to listen to this thing?”

Stop infuriating your customers with the same old message or music on hold!  Think about what your customers are experiencing while they’re waiting to speak to a person at your company.

Why not use the time and tell them about your products in an enjoyable way?  Have them go from the above expression to this one:

Message on Hold blog

Now that’s better!

Who hasn’t suffered listening to the same old message over and over and over again.  Well no longer!   Allow ImpressYourCallers.com to help you with changing promotional messages throughout the year.  Or how about a special offer available only to your callers?  That will make them really enjoy listening to your message on hold, and can prevent hangups as well!  It’s truly a win win, don’t you think?