The Benefits of on hold marketing/ Time is precious! Seize the moment!

” Carpe Diem ” as they say!

 Hey, think about it!  You’ve got a captive audience with your callers on hold. Why not make the most of this incredible opportunity to reach out, promote, and inform!

What are the Benefits of On hold marketing?

Here are a few!

• Provide a courtesy to your clients by not making them listen to silence or radio while on hold. Show this captive audience that you care about them and they will show their appreciation by remaining on the line longer. Study’s show that having an on hold message reduces caller hang ups by 70%

 • Build the image of your company by making a small company sound large or a large company sound more personalized. You’ve spent a lot of time and money to build your company’s image, reflect that image in your on hold message!

• Drive more traffic to your Website by using your on hold message to inform customers about on-line specials, services, newsletters and other promotions.

• Educate and Inform you clients by using on hold time to talk about a new location, new products, services or an employee of the month. You might mention upcoming events like trade shows, conventions or other special events.

• Increase Sales by using this valuable time to mention special sale items, closeouts, extended hours, bonus and customer referral programs. Whatever you need to say that you may not have time for when actually talking with your busy client.

• Entertain your clients by letting them know the history of your company and some of its achievements. We can even include your company jingle, radio commercial and recorded customer testimonials.