Tip #1 for writing a good script

message on hold scripts

Although Impress Your Callers offers script writing services .   If you’re planning to write your own script for your message on hold or voice prompts there are some handy guidelines to keep in mind.

First and foremost, remember that everyone, your callers included in this group, wants to feel valued and appreciated. In fact, there’s a credit card company that goes out of it’s way to thank their callers for their years of business at the very beginning of the call! You may have experienced this yourself to be in the receiving end of this kind of “appreciation”.

The point is, it’s important to acknowledge your callers in terms of the fact that:

  1. they’ve taken their time to call your company
  2. their holding on the line

So the opening of your message on hold, in fitting in with this tip is to thank your callers up front and let them know you appreciate their patience.   Their hearing these words will register on some level.

Stay tuned for more tips!

Lisa Erhard



How to select the right equipment for your message on hold

There are various devices available for purchase for your message on hold.  What we would suggest is you find equipment that will allow for the best audio quality possible, the largest file size, and ideally a wav file, which will render the highest quality audio possible.

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PBX/Key Systems

A PBX or Key system is a telephone system that brings wires from all phone extensions in the building to one central control box.

VOIP Phones

VOIP phone systems (also called “virtual” or “IP”) are cloud-based, or offsite digital phones. On hold audio files are usually uploaded to your server or host provider.

2-4 Line Phones

If you aren’t using a phone “system” but simply plugging a 1, 2 or 4 line phone (like Panasonic, AT&T, RCA, GE and other smaller office phones) directly to a phone company jack, you may need a music on hold adapter.

Get the right onhold solutions for your phone

On Hold Player

Our USB Music On hold & Message player is a high quality solution for playing music and messages on hold. Our Digital Music On hold & Message player provides crystal-clear sound quality, and has auto-restart which ensures always-on message on hold marketing if a power loss occurs.

MOH adapter

The use of a Music On Hold Adapter is needed for the ability to add music and messages to your on hold for ordinary 2-4 line telephones such as Panasonic, AT&T, RCA, GE, and other small office telephones.