Equipment to purchase

Below are some easy and affordable options for your business for message and music on hold and voice prompts:

The iProMOH-One/ click on the image to purchase.

Click here to purchase:   iProMOH-One Message and Music on Hold (MOH) USB Digital MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, OGG, PCM, FLAC, AIFF Player, for Mitel, Toshiba, Panasonic, Avaya, NEC, Siemens, Unify, Nortel, Executone, Hitachi, Iwatsu PBX’s with preloaded royalty free music, plug and play out of the box, auto play after power failure, triggered announcements, in store paging and announcements, includes Simple Audio Mixer (SAM) software for PC and local volume control (Model 41700)

Product Description

The iProMOH-One is the best solution for DIY music-on-hold projects and music-on-hold professionals. It includes licensed free music and mixes your messages files with your music files to create and play your MOH productions in just a few clicks. It is capable of storing 12 minutes of recording and contains all the necessary cables to connect to your phone system. Before ordering make sure your phone system is compatible with an external music source.

In Store Announcements and Paging
• Triggered announcements – i.e. contact closure activates greeting when a customer enters a retail establishment.
• Time Between Playback feature provides repetitive playback (with maximum 99 minutes quiet time spacing) to remind customers of actions to be taken.

Music on Hold Content Providers
• SAM software provides the ability to secure playback from a specific audio content provider at a specific customer location.
• Protect contracts with a configurable stale date.

The Interalia iProMOH is an affordable and intelligent solution that solves all the typical problems associated with promotional on-hold and in-store announcement systems. It even automatically updates its own music and message files via the internet so you’ll know your files are always up-to-date. Is There A Problem? Are you exhausted trying to run your business and manage all the technology in it? Constantly wasting precious time updating on-hold and instore messages when you could be doing something more productive? Do you have to wait weeks until your technical staff can get around to updating announcements, and then they sound like an amateur recorded them? If you’re experiencing these problems, talk to us, the iProMOH might be just what you need! We Have The Solution! The new Interalia iProMOH is 2 solutions in one. It is a digital announcer that can entertain and inform on-hold callers and an in-store public address system for broadcasting music and/or messages to store patrons. The iProMOH allows on-hold callers and store patrons to listen to pre-recorded messages, pre-recorded music, blended music/messages, or messages cross-faded with music from an external source such as a live satellite feed, or internally stored music bed. On-Hold Announcements: The iProMOH can play messages and/or music to callers that are put on-hold. It can entertain callers and provide information on new products, advertising and frequently asked questions. In-Store Announcements: The iProMOH turns an in-store public address system into a powerful marketing tool by playing background music for store patrons, introducing products or services, promoting store campaigns, reinforcing company advertising and answering frequently asked questions.

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Content Administration Software: iProMOHs receive their updated music and message files from the iProMOH Content Administration Software (iCAS). This software can be hosted on a Windows 2000 or XP workstation on a local LAN, or an external workstation elsewhere. One host can easily update the same message(s) into one, or multiple iProMOH units at the same time. iProMOH Initiated Updates: The iProMOH is so intelligent it uses ‘pull technology’ to update its music and message files by automatically calling out over an internet connection to a “host” workstation at scheduled intervals. It then downloads new files directly from the host into itself. Messages can be downloaded weeks or months in advance, and held until the appropriate date when they are automatically played. Host Initiated Updates: Using ‘push technology’, administrators can tell the iProMOH to initiate a download from the iCAS host. This is used when corporate offices want to have precise control over when their iProMOHs are updated, such as to coordinate store campaigns, or manage LAN traffic. What Makes The iProMOH Unique? There are a lot of things that make the iProMOH unique. First, the iProMOH uses ‘pull technology’ to request downloads from the host. Second, a standard web protocol is used to send messages to the iProMOH so firewalls are not an issue. Third, technical staff are not required to install messages. Fourth, a variety of audio file formats are supported. Fifth, administrators can initiate downloads from the iCAS host, and last but not least, the iProMOH smoothly cross fades between separate music and messages, enabling the user to change the voice-over prompts without having to change the music and vice-versa.


click here to purchase: Grace Digital Message and Music on Hold USB Digital MP3 Player, Silver (GDI-USBM10)


Grace Digital Media on Hold

The GDI-USBM10 Business Music MP3 player is an on-hold music and media player designed for use with almost any business telephone setup including PBX, IBX, or Key Phone systems.  Easily connecting to your phone system, Media on Hold streams standard or custom messages along with background music, keeping your customers, clients, or coworkers occupied and entertained while they wait.

Featuring an integrated USB input and a pre-loaded 6GB USB drive, the Media on Hold will have you up and running in no time.

Simple Setup

With the Grace Digital Media on Hold, you just plug and play!  It’s really that simple!  All you have to do is use the included cable to plug the Music on Hold player into your phone system’s audio input jacked (usual marked “music on hold”), insert the USB drive, and you’re up and running.  It’s automatic!  The included USB drive even comes with pre-loaded with 6 hours of licensed, royalty-free music as well as a standard greeting.

Use the integrated 8/600 ohm switch to optimize audio output as well as the volume knob to adjust levels as needed.

Media on Hold even automatically turns back on after a power outage.  It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

click on the following text to order: Grace Digital Message and Music on Hold USB Digital MP3 Player, Silver (GDI-USBM10)

Customize with Media on Hold Software

Grace Digital Media on Hold can be completely customized to suit the unique needs of your business.  With the included software, you can create your own on-hold playlist.  In addition, you can record customized greetings and targeted messages that will automatically fade in and out of your music mix.  With the Grace Music Master Software Version 5, it’s easy!  Just drag a recording or music option into the USB drive, and you’re done.

There’s a bonus!  When you register your software, you’ll receive one FREE customized message.

Built-In Speaker

Each Music on Hold player features an integrated monitor, allowing you to monitor the audio playing on the player.

Industrial Design

Let’s face it – not everyone is as gentle with their electronics as you are.  That’s why the Grace Digital Media on Hold features a tough metal casing and industrial design.


  • Plug and play -The included USB drive is preloaded with 6 hours of royalty – free music and standard thank you for holding messages
  • Auto play after power loss. The GDI-USBM10 automatically starts playing after power is restored
  • Built-in speaker – Monitor the audio on the device directly via the built-in speaker
  • Industrial strength- High quality metal enclosure and electronics for the demanding business environment. Place on a shelf or easily mount to any surface
  • Connectivity- RCA mono audio output with 8 / 600 ohm switch for optimal sound to your phone system
  • Auto Play Automatically Starts Playing After Power Is Restored

Size & Weight

  • Width: 7 in Depth: 5.5 in Height: 3 in
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs

What’s in the Box

  • GDI-USBM10 Business Music MP3 player
  • Grace Music Master software for PC (Windows 7, Vista, and XP)
  • 512mb USB drive preloaded with 6 hours of royalty-free music
  • 1 personalized on-hold greeting with registration
  • Mono RCA to RCA cable
  • Mono RCA to mini jack cable
  • Power adapter


iHold A2LPro “All-In-One” Professional 2-Line Music On Hold Player system plus office music player with Business Music for all Non-PBX standard corded or cordless 2 line or 4 line telephones or for all PBX key system phones, Music On Hold adapter plus mp3 On-Hold Music Player plus office music player in one device


  • Music On Hold and a Whole Lot More! On Hold Music /messages for your callers, Business office music or your songs for your enjoyment and better mood, works with all 2 line or 4 line Corded or Cordless phones
  • Pre-loaded USB flash dirve and SD card both included
  • Flash then Hold Activation or Hold button activation
  • Bluetooth transmitter, Bluetooth speaker, Wireless speaker
  • 1 Click Holiday On-Hold audio – so convenient!
  • Product Description

    The New iHold A2LPro music on hold device for use with all corded or cordless 2-Line or 4-Line telephones, plays music and messages for up to Two On-Hold callers with continuous playback plus plays Business music and your songs for your office enjoyment and mood!

    Simple activation To place callers on Hold simply press Flash then Hold, to go back simply return to caller and voice deactivate or press Flash. It can also work just by pressing Hold on compatible corded telephone models.

    Simple to install 1 minute installation – just connect to one corded phone or to cordless base and all phones and extensions work.

    Simple to update just copy/ paste any MP3 file from your PC to the USB flash drive /SD card – the Included 128MB USB Flash drive and SD card are preloaded with hours of great sounding fully licensed music and messages plus plenty of easy style / rock office music

    Customizable easy software: allows quick and customized on-hold audio via your PC

    High capacity High quality audio playback & multi-track allows 1000+ hours of playback time (via optional 8GB USB Flash drive)

    Sleek and compact ABS plastic enclosure with wall mount capability built to perform in the toughest environments

    Built-in speaker- monitor the on-hold audio or listen to office music
    Pre-loaded USB flash drive & SD card
    1 click Holiday On-Hold
    Program button
    External audio jack
    On Hold caller reminder
    Business Music stream
    External / Bluetooth transmitter and wireless speaker
    Two audio outputs & Volume controls
    PBX / KSU phones
    Back ground music
    Hold activation
    No moving parts – 100% digital
    Wall Mountable
    LED status lights
    Multi-track capable – plays up to 99 tracks then repeats
    Custom utilities software
    Auto-start after a power outage
    One telephone cord and AC adapter (universal 110V-240V) included

    iHold A2LPro “All-In-One” Professional 2-Line Music On Hold Player system plus office music player with Business Music for all Non-PBX standard corded or cordless 2 line or 4 line telephones or for all PBX key system phones, Music On Hold adapter plus mp3 On-Hold Music Player plus office music player in one device