Keep your customers on the line with an impressive message on hold!


Did you know that …An estimated 60% of business callers placed on hold hang up – 30% of these callers don’t call back! (AT&T Industry Report) Callers with Silence-on-Hold will abandon their calls in less than one minute; 90% hang up within 40 seconds. (North American Telecommunication Association Report) Callers with Message On Hold will stay on the line for up to 3 minutes longer.

(North American Telecommunication Association Report) “Surveys show that 15% to 20% of callers make purchases based on information theyheard on hold. (Telemarketing Magazine) “Over 89% of callers prefer on-hold messages over silence.” (Cellular Marketing Magazine) Nation wide 7 of every 10 callers are placed on hold for an average of 30 seconds. (Inbound Outbound Magazine) Having advertising on hold with music reduces call abandonment by almost 90% (Better Business Marketing)The average North American executive spends an average of 15 minutes a day on hold. That’s 9 days a year. (CNN)94% of marketing budgets are spent to induce the customer to call, and only 6% to handle the call once it is received. (Inbound Outbound Call Center)

Benefits of working with Impress Your Callers:

  • Professionalism and effectiveness:Our messages are aimed to help keep your customers on the line and advertise your services with a professional voice!
  • Prompt delivery: After you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive your finished product within 2-3 business days in high resolution mp3 or wav format. You can directly email us with your specifications. We’re here to get the job done as efficiently as possible with you, the customer, always in mind.
  • Competitive Pricing:Impress Your Callers prices are always competitive and we can work within most budgets.
  • Flexible Options: Message on Hold or Voice Prompts can be produced with or without music.Some customers like to have music for one voice message and no music on another. That’s totally ok. We’ll work with you to deliver whatever you need.
  • Individualized attention to your our customer: Why turn to a pool of talent when you can work one on one Impress Your Callers?We deliver the personalized expert service you require to get the job done right, within the timeframe you need.